Sunday, 17 April 2016

Bright Lights Big City

The flight across the States gave the students an insight into the enormity of the USA, passing over the mountains of Tahoe, with Denver in the distance, then the salt flats of Utah, the bright lights of Chicago sprawled on the edge of the great lake Michigan and finally the big smoke its self. It was fascinating to see night passing into day, an experience that does not involve a sunset from an aerial perspective.
We arrived in late, but as we were still on San Francisco time, and the students had slept somewhat on the plane they were feeling ok. What wasn't great was the bus driver had gone for a walk, eventually he turned up though and we made it to the hostel after pointing out various land marks, by 3am, with quite a tired crew.
Its amazing seeing their faces, all emotions are present but mostly they are in total awe :)

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