Monday, 25 April 2016

Friday Ahoy Food Tour

The Hospitality and Digi-tech students joined forces against the Italians as went on the Ahoy Food tour of Little Italy. We met at the 'mafia' headquarters of Ferrara Bakery where they tried to 'sweeten' us up with their famous 'Cannoli", a crispy pastry tube filled with ricotta and chocolate.
We then moved across the road to Alleva Dairy, which is the oldest Italian cheese store in USA. We sampled fresh mozarella wrapped with prosciutto. Everyone enjoyed that sample. Our next stop was a fresh pasta maker, and many of the students had not had gnocchi before and said they will be ordering it next time when they go to La Porchetta at Riccarton Mall! Our guide was fantastic, as she spoke with her arms and put on a wonderful dramatic "Italian ' accent, when she described the food and the regions, as our last stop was 2 different cheeses and olives. The tour ended with fascinating stories of the mafia and 'unsolved' murders that happened a certain
restaurant. We returned to our 'headquarters' to order our gelatos and drooled over their dessert pastries. Lucky for the glass protecting the food from their heavy breathing and drooling.

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