Friday, 22 April 2016

Friday split morning activities

Garment District Tour

We met our tour guide Rebecca in the heart of the Garment District for our 2 hour long tour of the area, her insights into the area were rich in historical facts, some of which contrasted starkly with the information we were given the other day by our tour guide at Macy's. The area covers a number of blocks and has certain parts allocated to fabric shops of all sizes, another for trimmings, another for the central offices of retailers as well as designers. Rebecca is a costume designer for both theatre, opera and TV, and spends some of her time designing and some of her time acting as a runner for other designers, where she has to collect various materials from all over the district in a hurry usually. One dress she worked out came in at a mere $15,000 and was to be used in an opera.

After this we met the rest of the group at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). FIT caters not just to potential designers but also to the communications industry and graphic design, media etc, so a broad base. We were given an overview of how this works and then a tour of the campus by existing students.

After this we let them all free for a couple of hours shopping around Times Square. It has to be said it actually feels pretty safe around here - there are so many people around and such a vigilant police presence and they are very active in keeping tourists safe. The 4 of us adults went to the M&M store to research some new house T shirts, John is doing a lovely job of modelling Grants one there.

Dinner followed at Bills Burgers by the Rockefeller Centre - amazingly we just walked in and they managed to seat us all, no mean feat with a party our size. Flynn enjoyed his time on the girls table.

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