Monday, 25 April 2016

Monday 25th - Anzac Day

The commitment was outstanding this morning! At 4:30am, 25 students and 4 adults set off from our Hostel for the Anzac Dawn Parade. We had a 35 minute walk to get there and it was worth the effort to remember our soldiers sent off to war in such an excellent location. We watched the sun rise through the trees as our students did their country proud by supporting the event.

We did, of course, have to come back for a catch-up on sleep before continuing the day's adventures. We picked up few "concrete pills" for those that were struggling to get moving after their snooze. Not many were required!
After a short visit to see the whitehouse, we headed off on a hop-on-hop-off bus tour around Washington which gave us a good initial view. Washington has a very relaxed feel compared to the busyness of New York.  The streets are wide, the buildings not as tall, and no where near as many people.  Many of the monuments and building are named after past presidents.  We have been trying to guess what will be erected in memory of Barack Obama.

After lunch downtown, students had time to visit Madam Tussaud wax museum and to explore the city.  The Movie of The Jungle Book was excellent in 3D and was a good chance to relax.  Mrs de Boo led the teachers in a bit of shut-eye during the movie - turns out they may have been a bit exhausted!

We ate at a variety of places for dinner and have been pleased with some of the good choices the students have been making!

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