Sunday, 24 April 2016

Saturday 24th April

And the heavens opened, but not enough to prevent us from getting to central park bright and early for our bike tour. After we found the bike shop which wasn’t quite where we expected it to be, but did have a fabulous view of one of the most ornate and rich apartment blocks in NYC, Antoan (a native Bulgarian) very efficiently passed bikes out of the shop, which gave Grant a chance to catch up with the 4 students who were having a bit of a slow start, one had even laid down on his bed fully dressed and nodded back off to sleep. Must be pushing them a bit hard!!

Sergio was our guide for the next few hours, he told many a story of the comings and goings of Central Park and how it was such a dangerous place during the 70’s, with a regular murder being common place. NYPD is extremely prevalent and we even saw a lady about to be booked for smoking in Central Park where it is not allowed, NYPD are literally everywhere, sirens blare day and night and I’m sure they are at least 3x as load as the ones at home. The rain cleared up and the students had a great time racing around on the bikes with much merriment, it was a great way to start our last day in the city. 

Following this we stopped to watch a group of street acrobatic/breakdance type artists, Jack got pulled up to help and for a while we were wondering how they were going to flip across 7 grown mens heads and one boy. But after much banter they cut it back to 3 guys, so Jack escaped.

Then came another bridge walk, the Brooklyn bridge is quite different to the Golden Gate, entirely different structure and a lot more people out for a Saturday stroll or bike ride. The views of the city were great in all directions. Some carried on to the flea market after this and the rest of the group returned to the Hostel for some rest and packing.

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