Sunday, 17 April 2016

Saturday in New York

A very tired group of students followed us to the subway where we fed lots of money into the machines to get the week metro cards. There is a feeling of having to get familiar with the transport system in a new city, and we had just about orientated ourselves to San Francisco and then moved to a whole new ball game! Eventually we worked out which way was up and which way was down and arrived at the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum where we saw lots of amazing costumes and garments created by all the great Fashion names, Yves St Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dolce and Gabanna, Alexander McQueen to name but a few, at the Fairy Tale Fashion exhibition. There was also an interesting exhibition on "Denim" through the ages.
After a bit more Metro negotiation we arrived in the Bronx for the Yankees vs Mariners Baseball game, this was a great experience, lots of banter, lots of noise, lots of sun and fun ......... and the Yankees lost. Almost everyone bought t shirts, baseball caps or shirts, so we truly looked the part, even if some of us didn't fully get the rules, it was an all American experience.
The day was finished off with a quick trip to the Guggenheim, the building is one of New York's iconic pieces, unfortunately the exhibition was not that appealing to the viewing market we had with us.
We decided to cook up a pasta storm as the kids were sick of junk food for the day, then they fell flat into bed pretty quickly.

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