Monday, 18 April 2016

Sunday In New York

We've never walked so much!
A lovely start to another stunning day in New York.  We strolled through Central Park. Very excited to see squirrels and a variety of different coloured birds.

First Stop:  The Met (Metropolitain)
Even for the least cultured amongst us.... this was extraordinary! Art from around the world. From Pacific Artifacts and costumes, to an Armory and Weaponry section, to an incredible set of displays from Egypt! 2 hours went very fast and most agreed that we could spend a whole day without seeing everything!

A little tired and needing some down time.... we stopped to bask in the sun and relaxing environment on Central Park

We are subway experts now. On our way to the next stop, we popped up for a look at Grand Central Station.  Before we got to the surface, a busking performer - Heaven Beat Box (check him out on blew us away with his talent!

Grand Central Took our breath away with the enormity of it!

Off on another Subway / walk to the New York High Line.  What a lovely way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Most of New York thought so too! But we really enjoyed a scenery of the the architecture and Hudson River

 After a well-earned Ice Cream, a bus ride back to the Hostel to a wonderfully cooked meal from Mrs Lum and her helpers.  A much needed early night for us all!

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