Thursday, 14 April 2016

Thursday 15th April 2016

So today we were up and off. Got down to Pier 33 by 8am, which was impressive considering the previous nights lack of sleep and a very long Wednesday.
Alcatraz was all that it promised to be, and even had an ex-convict, William G Baker there for the day. He was signing books that he had legitimately written about his illegitimate activities and his brief escape from "The Rock". That's Brodie in the picture with him and his book looks like a good read.
After this we went to the Boudin Bakery for lunch, the students then had some free time before we went to the Exploratorium for the afternoon. This was an amazing interactive experience for them all, Science, Tech, Art and Maths all combined in one awesome space. The best thing was you could climb on everything and have a go at everything, and this they certainly did, and no I am not drinking from the toilet that is a water fountain!

China Town for dinner and everyone enjoyed this experience except for poor Elliot who had an upset stomach. When Ms Lum asked Johnny what he enjoyed most about the meal, he replied in his humorous way "Elliot's soup"!! You will be pleased to know Elliot is feeling much better now :)

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