Friday, 22 April 2016

Thursday 21st April - Fashion and Textile day

The fashion group along with John and I travelled out to Brooklyn for our workshop at the Textile Centre, after a tour of the artist in residence section upstairs, where the group got to see a wide range of Art and Textiles working together in various forms, and by Textile Artists from all over the world.

We were split into 2 groups for the indigo and screen printing workshops. All the girls and Ethan learnt some new techniques and the Y13 girls can use their stencil screen printing towards the experimental part of the next Internal they will do when we get back, so a doubly great experience .

After the workshop we got some lunch and hung out in a roof top restaurant for a little while, then headed over to meet Tara St James at the Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator , this is essentially a support system that provides a space and support for 24 designers in the set up stage and who are not yet at the stage of mass production, so they can realize their ideas. They are mostly working in sustainable fields and are making choices about what they do and why rather than getting into mass production. There are also keen on supporting and helping designers who want to work in the field of electronics and textiles. 

After this we walked to the subway and encountered another New York experience- people arguing in a confined space, which got a bit uncomfortable. We put that down to another learning experience !

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