Thursday, 21 April 2016

Thursday 21st April

The Digitec Team

We went in all directions today!  The Digi guys and I went back into the Central City.

First Stop: Urban Studios

We had a treat in store for us.  Our contact Tanguy did quite a presentation.  We were there for over 2 hours.  His division only deal with CGI motion images primarily used for advertising commercials but does some work with film. He ran us through his latest project and the stages his team went through to create an animated 3 minute promotional video. He spoke of the software, hardware, and skills required to produce their work. They use the best state-of-the-art imaging tools and have a very experienced team working both as staff, and as required.
No Pics inside :(

Second stop: Viacom

This is a story.... While coming home on the bus from the High Line on Sunday, I got talking with people (as you do)! One friendly man was asking all about our group.  I asked him what he does - it turns out he works for Viacom - the company that own Nickelodeon, mTV, Comedy Central, etc, and does the design for x-Box. He is the vice-president of Digital Media! He agreed to see us and jacked up the leader of the digital development team to see us also!

Awesome! We sat on the 31st floor in the staff cafe while we had an informal chat. With 10,000 people employed in New York, we got to talk to two of the leaders: Matthew Vidal and Eugene (last name to come!).  They were very good at inspiring the students in the many different digital arenas that are involved in the business.  They talked through pathways and futures, tools of the trade, jobs and skills.  They even mentioned the possibility of being in touch about internships in the future if our young lads end up heading in that direction.

After a trip to the Nintendo shop, we headed home early (4:30pm) to catch up on some very needed down time before dinner.

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