Friday, 22 April 2016


Thursday was literally a 'huge' day for us, as Lower East side meets CHS at 10am, with some other tourist who were also there for the guided tour. of this Jewish neighbourhood. Our tour leader, Ian, looked like James Corden  and he focused on the Jewish immigrants and their food. We visited at least 8 different food outlets and ate potato knish from Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery, which was mash potato wrapped in a soft dough and pan fried. We also went to a very famous deli - Katz's Deli and had the most delicious and juiciest pastrami sandwich with mustard. Ian also mentioned that this was the deli where that famous scene from 'When Harry met Sally' where she.......well you know the scene, lucky the students didn't! Their walls were covered with hundreds of framed photos with famous stars who ate there. Next visit was a candy store, that seemed to belong to a hoarder. Shelves were from floor to ceiling, packed with sweets. The students were in heaven. We also had pickles from the 'Pickle Guys", was I surprised, none of them wanted to sample them?? No. However the pan-fried and steamed dumplings were a hit, as the Chinese and Italians neighbourhood were right next to each other. The last couple of stops were Kossar's Bialy's and the Doughnut Plant, despite being full, they still ate seconds on these two treats.

Despite being full, we headed back to Times Square to meet Anthony Hoy Fong, a celebrity chef from Auckland, who is successful in New York and the US. He manages many projects, like TV shows, judges, developed an online Culinary School, and he is the 'go to ' person if you want to start up a restaurant business. His last development was in Las Vegas. Anthony spoke to the group about following their passion and to work hard and stay humble. He was very surprised that schools offered these trips. He only remembered going as far as Hamilton with his school! He said that opportunities like these should be grabbed with 2 hands, as he remembers when he was asked to cook for President Obama, that he was still waiting for his working visa to be renewed, however putting his fear aside (of Security taking him back to the airport) he cooked for the President and many times after. During our 2hr visit, we were treated to a massive feed of fries, buffalo wings, nachoes and pork sliders and unlimited glasses of fizzy. Moving on, the students shopped for an hour or so and we met for dessert at Junior's Cheesecake. We shared different desserts and milkshakes, before rolling home by 7pm

                                           Keylan giving Anthony his gift pack from us.

Thumbs up for the day!!


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