Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Tuesday 19th April

Tuesday was another up and out, off to the NY Public library for the building tour, this was rich with history and facts about the buildings and where various parts of it have come from and how they managed to expand the space on the original footprint.

After this we headed right down south of the city to the Staten island ferry and after a quick bite to eat from the local food trucks we jumped aboard and marvelled at the views of Manhattan from the water. The students were surprised at the size and were expecting something bigger, just goes to show how well media has been used to promote the Statue of Liberty often seen in the foreground of images. The views from the pedestal did not disappoint once we made it past the officious guards !! 

A quick stop at Ellis island gave the students an insight into early settler life and then back to the hostel for food then out again and to Broadway for Finding Neverland. This was an awesome experience, and it blew them all away, many asked if we could see another - if only there were time. Talking of time we then spent some time in Times Square which was like day with all the supersized billboards, the students took lots of photos including some of policemen on horses. Doesn't take much to be famous in this city.

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