Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Tuesday 20th April

Some very tired students greeted us this morning, after last night and the Broadway extravaganza and they were pretty excited once it was finished, never the less they were in good spirits and did well with the even earlier start time.
Museum of Moving Image was the first port of call (after an obligatory stop at Starbucks), we were given a tour of the museum which was very interesting but maybe pitched a bit below the age level; the group of Fashion students that we accompanied enjoyed the look at the screen sirens and the various make up and prop, scenery etc production side of film making.

Usher suit from a bygone era when the likes of Hoyts staff dressed in this manor

How to make a wall look like a wall or a piece of wood or wallpaper.

The next part of the day was separated out, Grant and I took the Fashion students to Mood for a 3 hour workshop, where they all made cases for their devices, some more successful than others. It was good to see the students clarify in their own minds that they are actually pretty competent at what they do.

After that we met back up with the other part of the group who had been to ICE (more on that from Dee) at the Empire State Building, another impressive monument, showing off all aspects of the New York skyline, in a full panorama, interestingly the building has quite alot of movement in it, which some noticed more than to others. Even though its not the tallest building it still feels like you are on top of the world :)

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