Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Waldorf Tour

The Food and Digi Tech students had to be punctual - 10 am at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel because that is what the Hospitality industry strives for, however we were on time to meet David Mammina, HR of the hotel. We were given a tour and history of this luxurious famous hotel.

Photos below show us sitting in their grand ballroom and visualized the baby elephants and camels that came through the entrance for weddings and parties

Just recently Lady Gaga came a private concert in this ballroom. Another highlight was visiting and settling into the couches of the presidential suite where all the presidents (since Hoover) stayed. Traditionally every president leavers a gift, Flynn is sitting in JFK's rocking chair. And Lucy touched the spine of the Harry Potter books that Obama left after his stay. Then it was our time to leave the gold covered ornate plush hotel.

We all vowed to come back.

 Jack Tame came to meet us for lunch on the steps of the NY Public library, a great experience for the students to meet a Kiwi in New York doing great things.

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